Yvonne is an intuitive, mixed media artist who calls the beautiful city of Kingston Ontario her home.

Rich and joyful colour are the cornerstone of Yvonne’s acrylic paintings and her lifetime of travel has greatly influenced her eclectic style. Her intuitive abstract art is greatly influenced by the light and sub-tropical colours of the Canary Islands, where she lived for many years.

Yvonne had the honour of being chosen as one of 40 Ontario artists to have a painting hanging in the Provincial Legislature in Toronto. She has taken part in community projects and private shows.

Yvonne is primarily a self taught visual artist with a background in Interior Design and Art History.



Having discovered the undiluted joy of being an artist at the age of 68, I am now exploring, playing, experimenting and having the time of my life! My paintings are not planned, they start with a random brushstroke and develop over many layers of mark making, scratching, sanding back and the use of every interesting kitchen tool. I think the paintings paint themselves, while my conscious mind takes a rest. At some point in their development, having re-invented themselves over countless layers, I see the time has come to consciously engage in their structure and resolution. My art is the culmination of a rich, eventful life and I am deeply fascinated by what it reveals to me. In deep gratitude for having found my creative path, my greatest desire is to inspire other women to find the courage for new adventures in their later years.

To learn more about Yvonne and her work find her on Facebook and Instagram

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Let's Dance

Aquatic Rhythm Dancing Blooms Tranquility


Delightful Dance


In the Blue Mangrove